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stig ove: oh really?! cool me naider living in volda norway so it`s miles away.
Bob (WebMaster): JemCon[/url] is an annual convention held in the US where all Jem fans get together for a few days of activities like fancy dress and talks with Jem writers and voice artists. It's in Los Angeles this year. I can't afford it this time :(
stig ove: What is this jemcon thing? (intresting)
shopcrz: any body planning for jemcon in sept. i'm so there!
stig ove: Well got no info on the mp3s but e-mail the staff if you need help though.
shopcrz: got the jem player it's great, trying to load it to my mp3 player need help please
shopcrz: another season would be way cool and if they came back with the dolls, now I have my 7 year old hooked on jem.:)
stig ove: Jem should make a season 4 2, another 20 episodes, what do you think?
stig ove: same here love them jem songs 2.
jemfanforever: i am happy to be a jem and the holograms fan i love jem cartoon and i will always :)jem cartoon is very cool ,the cartoons of today are not good at all.
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