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adankree: There was also a display case promoting two costumes that will available this year (JEM and Pizzaz) for $$29.99 USD. They were giving away a magazine spotlighting JEM at Hasbro.
adankree: I was at Comic-Con. Great to see a JEM presence. The high end doll sold out by Friday night-so yeah jem has a bigger following after the show's re-broadcast on the HUB. Couldn't get anyone to confirm a new show though, but it would make sense.
Synthtron: Glad to see more interest in Jem. It is too bad the new doll's face does not look like Jem. It could maybe pass for Pizzazz. Hasbro should be the ones making them. I have enjoyed catching up with Jem and the Holograms after all these years.
Nic Mercy: I saw the doll... the outfit was great... I just wish the doll looked more like the original. The prcetag is also prohibitive 125$ It's definitely being marketed as a collector's item and not a toy.
adankree: Did you guys/gal see the San Diego Comic Con Exclusive JEM Doll. The new premium doll line is done by Integrity Toys and is Officially licensed by hasbro. Go to to see the post
animekohai: luv this site. can't say it enough <3
julayla: This site is amazingly well done. I'm glad I found this place.
Stu: Best site design I've seen in a long time.
Jemfan1980: This site is excellent, well done! Plenty of images to inspire me - going to a fancy dress party this weekend as Jem!
jemgirl8588: I <3 <3 <3 JEM!!! It has been my obcession ever since i was 10!!! even though i am 11 yrs. old, i wasn't born @ the time! :-)
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