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stig ove: I'm from Norway and I love 80's cartoons. Jem was also the reason I started with lyrics 2. I have 1 song that is titled after 1 of the first songs in the series - guess which 1 it is? hint:it ends with paris?
stig ove: I think that Jem is the best cartoon there is and to think that she is back after so many years is so cool
Carmel: You need to Right-Click >> Save As, to download from music links
Lucid: Do you mean the Let The Music Play section? Follow the Player Instructions on the page - works fine for me. x
shopcrz: download tapes to windows player but not bytes show up what am i doing wrong help!
Jason: WOW!!!!!! Love the new look you have given your site. I always enjoy coming to the site and seeing what's new and just looking in general.
Bob (WebMaster): Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback about the new layout. Stay tuned for lots of fun updates in the next few months!
Moira-Mable: The new look is fab and it is great the way that you have the page organised now.So easy to see all the new stuff added.Brilliant site!; )
therese: Hi , just wanted to say that this website rocks my socks off. Its absolutely gorgeous and amazing.
Samira: HI Bob, Hope you are doing great. Your new look is Truly outrageous! Amazing work Girl & yes it's cool. Thanks so much for the updates as always. Music Is Magic Samira xxxxxxxx
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