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Paul: Love the new look, it's so much easier to navigate now. Well done!
Jem's Space: Once again you've totally impressed us! We absolutely love the new layout and all the new updates! Totally Fantastic! Love the VHS tape too!
KJC: Love the new look! But I miss the bigger icons. PS love the vhs tape too!
Lucid: WOW. Brilliant new look! I love it!
jemfanforever: saying hello to BOB and all jem fan members here.
Bob (WebMaster): Hi Samira, I'm glad you like the gift - how's the Rockin' Roadster working for you too? eBay is the only other place to find Jem books if there arn't any on Amazon. You'll have to do a weekly search til some turn up for auction though :)
Samira: HI again, Bob thanks a million for the Jem cd's girl, believe or not when I watch the episode of Father's Day i just start to cry. It's so touching. Bob I still couldn't find any books in amazon, any other site? Stay outrageous. Samiraxxxxxxxxxxx
jemfanforever: hi jem fans hugs to every fan:) thanks for making this truly outragous jem fan site hugs bob :)
Jademaliburoad: Thanks Bob, it's nice to hear both versions.
Bob (WebMaster): Yep, extended songs came on the tapes - you can listen to them in the "Let The Music Play[/url]" section. You can also hear the extended Truly Outrageous songs from the 2004 Rhino DVDs in the "Episode & Song Guide[/url]".
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