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peggybetty: Thanks! This was and still is a fun site. When JEM was on the air I was working at Toys R Us. On Halloween I dressed up as JEM. My mom made the costume for me. I was signing autographs! LOL!
JemBurg: Hi to all. I was searching for a great Jem site & finally found one. Horray!
jemfanforever: i love this site cool:)i love all the diiferent things this site has to offer:)BRAVO:)
GwenFan: I just saw on Apple's website that you can request TV shows!! So here's the link, scroll down to the very bottom and click on Music Requests.. (link)[/url] Go JEM
Bob (WebMaster): Please do not use "Mailinator" email addresses to register - they are not secure. Level 3 clearance cannot be granted to anybody using them. Thank you.
Enisse: I love this site!
Paul : Loving the new pages Bob and just checking in to say I am still alive LOL! been very busy but hope to have some fashion pics to you soon as I just got a few completer parts!
Bob (WebMaster): Hi madonnalon, The Jem box art artist was Sharon Knettell. Here's an interview[/url].
madonnalon: I just wanted to quickly say how TRULY OUTRAGEOUS this site is. My favorite part is the 'box art scans' and 'posters'! I love whoever the artist is, yet can't find his/her name anywhere. Does anyone know who it is?? Email me if you do. Thanks!
Bob (WebMaster): Hi melody, Your message confuses me :? Of course you can visit Jem Things & Stuff again (and again, and again) You have Level 3 maximum clearance :)
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