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Bob (WebMaster): Hi melody, Your message confuses me :? Of course you can visit Jem Things & Stuff again (and again, and again) You have Level 3 maximum clearance :)
melody: Hi, will I be allowed to use Jem things and stuff ever again. I so enjoyed jems videos and kjem segment. Thank you for a great web site
Amy: dude, this site is outrageous! Well done, and long live Jem! :D
blueangel: oh my god i love this page i'm a huge jem fan and this page rocks keep up the good work
DvF: hey ur page is so cool wish u the best k!
Quel: Click on Olga's name for the link to her Deviant Art profile - it's good, original stuff! Some of the best on the web!
GwenFan: Olga, what does your art look like? And what did Bob say?!? :)
Tabitha: Hey Bob! Keep up the great work. Love Your site.
Bob (WebMaster): Great stuff! I commented in the "Kool Trash Journal[/url]" and emailed you with a proposal too :D
Olga: Hey, I did some more Jem art on Deviantart so check it out! I was inspired by your Gold Rush Jerrica :D
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