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Samira Harib Al: message: Love you all. Like a Dream
Samira Harib Al: HI Jem Fan & Friends & of course Bob, Wishing everyone a Happy New Year & May All Your Dreams Come True. Keep Jem & The Holograms alive. Bob Thanks again & again for the Jem Collection, please help to find Jem books & magazines in Amazon.
Moira-Mable: The Jem episode and song guide is fab.I Just Love it!
Samira Harib: Wishing You A Magical Xmas Bob & Jem Fans & May All Your Dreams Come True. Music Is Magic
Bob (WebMaster): It doesn't have an official name. Jem fans tend to refer to it as the alternative "Jem Girl Theme", while the original one is the "Jem Theme".
Karla: Thanks a lot! But what's the name of the second song?
Bob (WebMaster): Hi Karla, Both Jem themes can be downloaded as mp3s from the "Listen Up[/url]" section and videos from the "Jem-Up Your Life[/url]" section. The iPod videos are better quality.
Karla: Hi!! I'm from mexico and i watched Jem in my country in the late 90's and i had a question, i remember a second opening theme, the song wasn't the same Jem theme, what song is it?
Bob (WebMaster): Hi Samira, All I did was import the song lyrics (in the Episode & Song Guide) into Excel to line songs up in columns, then I placed resized box art scans around them to make it pretty. Jem books and comics can be bought 2nd hand on eBay and Amazon.
Samira Harib: Hi Bob, Hope you are doing great. Please tell me how you've managed to make the homemade lyric book Jem & The Holograms? Also where can I find more books & magazines of Jem. Music is Magic, Samira
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