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Samira Harib: Hi Bob, Hope you are doing great. Please tell me how you've managed to make the homemade lyric book Jem & The Holograms? Also where can I find more books & magazines of Jem. Music is Magic, Samira
Bob (WebMaster): Following repeat hacks on restricted content and spam attempts, blocking is now enforced. Don't worry - if you can see this page, you're OK. Hackers will not be tollerated!
Angela: Truly amazing!Wow!
jimmyraker: hello ! very good site ! i love your work !! very good !!! thanks my friend !
Desmond: Wow! Excellent website. Really brings back the memories. Thanks for sharing this with the Jem fans. Thanks for all the great work. From Singapore
Jem's Space: Your website just keeps getting better and better and better! Always enjoy stopping by 2 see what's new!
Bob (WebMaster): Unfortunately, a release of the later episodes doesn't look very likely :( For anyone who's interested, contact me and I'll email you links with info.
sherry: Any word on the season 3 part 2? Great site.
Bob (WebMaster): The audio streams can't be split so no instrumentals etc. The Jem themes as mp3s will be available soon, further to Nijshua's request.
KJC: How's everything goin' Bob? (Website Guide, Hollywood Jem Art, When It's Only Me...) Suggestion: I've noticed you haven't made audio, instrumental, a cappella (well, maybe idk) for the Theme songs.
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