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Samira Harib Al: HI. I'm so glad I've managed to find Jem Site. I love everything in it & I really thank you bob again & again. I'm really forward for more stuff in Jem site. This is site is Truly outrageous
EDU (Argentina): Hi, I love this page! When I found it, I said: It's Truly outrageous, ;) I'm from Argentina, and I love this cartoon! Congratulations for this site!!!
KJC: Suggestion: In 'Listen Up' & 'There's A Melody Playin' you can include the short version songs (S1). Also for 'Listen Up', 'Episode & Song Guide', & 'Jem Up Your Life' the short version songs from Lin-Z's "And Now Another Look At Jem's Latest Hit!"
Kristen: Love the site! It's Truly Outrageous. Brings back so many childhood memories!!
KJC: Heather Ann, wow! Those are good. I think Minx turned out the best! Now you should try making there original outfits. Keep up the good work! (I wish I could do that!!!)
KJC: Aris, very good job! Can't wait for the others as well as the missing tapes (Game Tapes)!
Sylvie: Your website is absolutely FANTASTIC !!! Thank you sooooo much for creating it.
Bob (WebMaster): Things have been put on hold following a hardware malfuction so I need a bit of time to get back on track and get my head around Vista. Setbacks may slow progress for the next few weeks but I'll keep you updated.
Jason: Cool site! Can't wait for more stuff!
Bob (WebMaster): Playsets section = only official 1986 & 1987 Hasbro toy products.
Fashion photos suggestion = maybe in the future when other sections have been completed.
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