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KJC: Playsets - will it also include un-produced sets/dolls
KJC: I know what you said about the Tape's box art, but what about the fashions?
Bob (WebMaster): POLITE NOTICE - "Annonymous" files uploaded to the "Kool Trash Journal" will be deleted! Refer to them in an entry (paste in the link) with some information about yourself to avoid deletion.
Bob (WebMaster): OK - suggestions are being considered. The 1st change is with the "Kool Trash Journal" which now includes support for video uploads (2MB size limit) Please DO NOT use me for hosting to "hotlink" on other sites!
Rio: KJC reminded me of something. Did you ever have any UK video tapes. Because they have different box art on some of them.
KJC: Here's an idea. Make a section for the dolls fashions (the pictures on the panels), kinda like the Box Art section.
Bob (WebMaster): It's about a week away...
Rio: Sounds great! When is When It's Only Me coming?!? Can't Wait!
Bob (WebMaster): What if I adapt the "Kool Trash Journal" to included uploads of videos, etc? Files will be accessible from the "uploaded files" list and also URLs/links can be pasted into posts so others can reference them easily and comment? Let me know
Rio: My e-mail is down right now believe it or not! lol, but I was just thinking a little place were Jem fans can put there art of Jem that they want to share.
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