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Bob (WebMaster): Hi Rio, That's a good idea. Will you email me so we can have a chat about your ideas. Thanks, Bob
Rio: My suggestion is maybe have a place where Jem-fans can share their art (songs, videos, pictures, stories etc.)
Bob (WebMaster): Hi everyone (especially you, Nic Mercy), Get ready for the all new, never heard before, Jem A Cappellas! Made, as promised, from the 2004 Rhino DVDs for your pleasure! Not long now... You heard it here first!
Keegan: Just letting all the Jem fans know that you can buy The Find Your Fate Book #2 @ Amazon, Borders, and Barnes & Noble!! I have mine!
Bob (WebMaster): Hi Crystal, You'll get a full song set in "Listen Up[/url]", and instrumentals upto Mardi Gras (DVD restrictions) in "There's a Melody Playin'[/url]". For cassette versions that I haven't put up yet (from Playsets) you'll have to go hunting on Jem Unlimited[/url].
Crystal: Hey Bob!! Love the site, i was just wondering if you could tell me where i could download Jem-Misfits-Stingers songs that i do not have, as i have downloaded the ones you had in the "Let The Music Play" section of the page. Thanks for the help!!
Bob (WebMaster): The envelope above Jem? It's an internal email system for Jem Things & Stuff staff. :)
Keegan: Whats the little package with the arrow coming out of it?
Alicia: The JEM Desktop Player is cool. Thank you so much - I love it! ;)
Keegan: Okay, thats what I thought.
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