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Bob (WebMaster): Hi Keegan, Yes but I've not been at my computer all weekend so I only got them today. I just emailed you.
Keegan: Hey Bob, Have you been getting my e-mails?
Misty80sGirl: Truly Outrageous Site!!
Natasha: Excellent site!!
Sara: LOVE THIS SITE!!! I love the section where you can play the Jem "tapes", but it's all fantastic! Keep the outrageous content coming! :)
Twilight: WOW!! This site is FANTASTIC!! Thank you sooooo much for posting mp3s of The Stingers. I actually screamed with excitement! Just an amazing site. Thank you so much!
LadyB: Beautiful site!
Bob (WebMaster): Thanks Aris, I spent a lot of time extracting the audio from Keegan's footage and cleaning it up - luckily I've had a lot of practice over the years (see The Jem DVD Project / Homemade DVDs etc)
Keegan: Your very welcome! I love the crystal clear sound also!
Aris: OMG! Your site rocks! Thanks SO much for posting mp3s to the last episodes. They are crystal clear! Thanks to Keegan as well! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!
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