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sha: woowww
Maria: Bob's site rocks! I just got done spinning some tunes on the song "boombox"!
Oliver: Your website is awesome ! Thanks for sharing all that !
Yago: I apologize for my absence. just finished my season of work and have free time I will return soon with updates Jem game. I love you guys! Thanks Bob!
animekohai: sometimes, i log in just to listen to the JEM player :) Luv this site SO much!
charla hubbard: I absolutely love the doll and fashion guides!!!
maria anderson: wow it has been a really long time since I have been on and It seems like I have missed out on the fun. There are so many exciting and fun things on this website :)
maria anderson: I am so thankful for Jem things and Stuff
Jules: Impressive! This website is way cool!
Miffy: I noticed you did the fabulous Jemcon banner too ;) That thing is art-tastic! BRAVO
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