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Bob (WebMaster): Hi Amjara, It can't be done cos I need the AC3 5.1 (6 channel) Dolby Digital audio stream to be able to seperate the audio channels and that only comes on official DVDs :(
Amjara: It would be cool if you could do the instrumentals for the season 3-2 songs you uploaded! I would love the Stingers songs in instrumental :D
cjmax02: awesome site. loving it.
Nic Mercy: Now THAT's outrageous! I'll be checking back regularly for THAT!!!!!
Bob (WebMaster): Yes you can ;) and it is one of my next projects!
Nic Mercy: As a huge jem fan this site was an amazing surprise. I am curious though. You were able to make intrusmentals from the dvd's... could you do the opposite and make acapellas???
Ecogirl: Wow! This rocks!! What an awesome site!
kikistar: fantastiiic siiiite!! i'm italian and i loooove jeeeeem with my heart!!! But, i would like to have episodes of jem :( sigh....jem rocccckks!!!
Paul: WOW love the new Let The Music Play section, it's awsome. They have been downloaded and loaded into my ipod already! ;)
Kamui: this site is amazing!!!! Thanks
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