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Kamui: this site is amazing!!!! Thanks
weird: this is one of the best JEM websites out there! YOU RAWK!
MissMadameS: Loved the series and I wish I didn't lose my Jem doll and her accessories but I was a kid so meh.
Kiki: Howdy!! I love Jem and I LOOOOVE this site!! It rocks! Keep up the groovy work! Peace, Kiki.
Rio: Thanks it worked but not the way I would like.
Bob (WebMaster): Hi Rio, It means that if you install Soft Encode in the programs folder on your C drive, put it directly in C drive but not in a folder.
Rio: Can you tell me what they mean by "COPY README.WRI TO THE *ROOT* OF THE PARTITION FROM WHICH" on the Soft Encode thing please. Thanks!
Elizabeth: great site- got my Jem in 1986- believe it or not, her earrings still flash today despite never replacing the batteries!
Rio: Ooh, Thanks Bob. Sorry.
Bob (WebMaster): Ha, ha. No, I'm a girl! Bob is a nickname that stuck from when the little girl next door couldn't say Beverley so she used to shout Bobberly to get my attention. It got shortened to Bob over the years :D This is me[/url].
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