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Rio: I'm lost about the Jem & Me section. Its not really you. Your a guy not a girl, right.
Elizabeth L.: I used to collect Jem as a preteen ! I had the Jem and Misfit puzzles and the dolls !
Bob (WebMaster): Hey KJC, Anytime is fine - send over the link details when you're ready. I'll do the category rating thing based on current content then we'll review it as and when you add new content.
KJC: Hey Bob, I think I'm ready but its not all done. Should I wait any longer? Also can't wait for the new sections!
Paul: I knew you would love Straight haired Shana, and Aja Winehouse! LOL
Angelica: Thank you Bob!
Bob (WebMaster): Hi Angelica, The font closest to the one on the doll/toy boxes is this reasonably priced
Freestyle Script SH-Reg[/url] but I use a free-to-download
Freestyle Script[/url] which is very similar.
Angelica: what's the main font you guys use on all the jem images. Like the layout. I am making some Jem things and would like to know. Thanks!
Paul: Ohhhh new pictures do look good, excellent work again. I will work on the pictures that are missing this weekend!
JemsSpace: Great new updates! Love the fashion pics. Stop by and check out the updates!
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