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Bob (WebMaster): Hi KJC. Mainly copyright issues and because other webmaster's have been asked not to by Jem writers. Also due to bandwidth and server space ;)
KJC: Thanks! I will be using some images from the Jem Doll Guide section and will credit you. Also I thought there was a part where you said something about why you don't upload Jem episodes. Why is that again?
Bob (WebMaster): Will do KJC. Just let me know when it's ready :)
KJC: Thanks for asking. I've gone with and have been working on it. When its all done can you put a link in your links part?
Paul: I love the doll pictures and will try to sort some more out today. I will find my UK comic and scan it in too if, perhaps a virtual comic???
Bob (WebMaster): Hey KJC. How's the web host hunt going? Picked one yet?
Bob (WebMaster): Hi KJC, Hop over to the bottom of the Questions and Answers page for web hosting ideas - you're probably best off with somebody like cos they offer php/SQL support in case you want to get techy in the future.
KJC: I would like to make a Jem website too and was wondering if the company you are using is free and if it is, what is there name. Thanks a bunch!
KJC: Jem used Star Wars sound affects!!!! If u go 2 YouTube and type in Jem star wars, it will come up!
angie and jojo: loving it. well done you xxxxx keep up the gr8 work
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