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angie and jojo: loving the site, the graphics are excellent. i miss jem on tv BRING BACK JEM!!!
Peggy: this site is awesome! :)
Bob (WebMaster): Best wishes for tomorrow Keeley! You've got plenty of good years left in you yet (but it's all downhill from 21!)
keeley: my b-day 2morrow yay me 14..x
E: Happy 1st Anniversary, Jem Things and Stuff!
John anderson: i love your web site
GemJem: I'm sooooooooo in love with this site ''truly outrageous''
Flare: This site is phenominal!! Keep up the terrific work. I will be sure to check back often! Outrageous!
Bob (WebMaster): Hi KJC, Have you checked the Questions & Answers page? There are instructions in the "General" section. If you're still having problems, email me via the "Contact Me" form.
KJC: Good Job on getting Sam on your site! I read what to do on a past message for soft encode, but it wont work and i need the serial code to make instrumentals. HELP PLEASE. Thanks.
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