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Samantha Newark: Wow!!!! too cool, love your page - I'm just cruising the internet filling up on yummy JEM stuff I havn't seen yet - this is fantastic!!! Best Samantha (SPeaking Voice of JEM/JERRICA) xoxoxo
Tania: This is amazing....I was just telling my boyfriend how much I use to watch this show. I was trying to get a theme for my bike and just got it. I miss the 80's. Can you email me some pictures so I can have my friend airbrush my tank on the bike?
Dr. Thinker: Nice work! Keep it up!
Jem's Space: Just wanted to stop by and compliment your great website. It's great to visit and view all the amazing things you've added lately. The 'Designing Woman' feature is very creative! The Jem Community is very appreciative for your hard work you've put in.
mrs Gee: i have just looked at the website and seen Gemma in her outfit, she looked fantastic, as well as everyone else. You have done a very good website
Rene : AWESOME PAGE!!!!!! You rock ....I Love Jem Gosh I miss the 80's
carole jane: this site is truly outrageous!!!
Bob (WebMaster): I have Kim but other webmasters (in the not so distant past) have been asked NOT to stream full episodes by people involved in the making of Jem, so I can't either. Sorry. :(
Kim: I totally love your website!!! Have you ever thought of posting entire episodes?
Bob (WebMaster): Hi Lisa, Please read recent messages to/from Rio - ALL INFO IS INCLUDED WITH THE DOWNOAD - It's in the "MTN.NFO" file. Open in Notepad to read the instructions (Right Click file >> Open with >> Choose Program >> Notepad) Thank You.
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