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Lisa: Can anyone tell me the serial of soft encode?
Francesca: Hi Bev, just wanted to say that Gemma's photo looks fab. Its a fab site and my friends at work love it. xx
Bob (WebMaster): 1st you need file extensions to show - Right Click the "Start" menu >> Explore >> Tools >> Folder Options >> View tab >> Untick "Hide extensions for known file types" >> Apply >> OK. Now you can right click the MTN.NFO file and rename to MTN.txt
Rio: How do you do that?
Bob (WebMaster): Rio, You could also try changing the file extension from .nfo to .txt so its a plain text file and double click to open.
Rio: Well, it didn't work and I'm on a friend's computer so I'll try again at home. Thanks and love the new Jem Fashion Guide!
Bob (WebMaster): It's in the "MTN.NFO" file. Open in Notepad to read the instructions (Right Click file >> Open with >> Choose Program >> Notepad)
Rio: I need the code for the program that lets you make instrumentals.
Bob (WebMaster): Hi Rio, I'm not sure what you mean - code for what? (you can click on my name if you need to email me privately)
Rio: I was trying to make an instrumental but I need the code.
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