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Karrie: I love your site! Thank you for having such talent and bringing it to the world!
Bob (WebMaster): Hi Rio, Read the Q&As to get the song vids on your computer. Do you mean the "Under Construction" note here on Designing Woman? It says "Are you All in The Style with the mix&match Medley Fashions? Dress the Doll and show your efforts in The Gallery."
Rio: Love your site! Can't wait for more stuff to come! 2 questions though. 1. how do u get the Jem videos from the "Jem Episode & Song Guide" and 2. what does it say under the "Under Construction" part? Thankz!
Bob (WebMaster): Hi Paul, Yep - those dollies are indeed mine and I love them to bits! I may decide to replace GnG Jem at some stage though as her box has been torn by a price sticker :( Glad you like them!
Paul: Wow Bob love the new doll section, are they all yours? WOW!
Jemgirl: Hi Bob, your site is amazing! There is so many useful Jem goodies here. It is a site like no other, I love it!
Quel: Oh yes, I'm her twin by the way so thats me on those photo's too, only the first thing i knew about it was after the site went live. Bobberley you is a horrid!!
Quel: Right, lets get this straight, I AM the mastermind behind all things jem and stuff. Did your webmaster tell you she actually used to like Barbie?!
Gemma: Hi Bev, as you know I think your website is fab. we have been having a giggle at the photo's see you tomorrow, gem xxx
Francesca: Have you asked me and the girls for copyright??? Love it great site, well done!!!!
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