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Bob (WebMaster): Hi Heath, i've emailed you with help ;)
Heath: I need help with the keyboard! It is way to hard!
Kerry: JemWap is fab! thanks for pointing me toward Opera Mini otherwise I couldnt get the Jem theme for my mobile :)
Heath: This is the best multimedia jem site ive ever seen. the box art is hard to get cleaned up. thank you so much!
Amjara: Love the instrumentals! Most of them sound super quality, it is interesting to hear how they put the sound effects in the songs too. I love the one for Surprise, Surprise with the witch laugh at the end!
Luna*Mova: What a great site. And very unique. A credit to the Jem community. :) Well done!
Bob (WebMaster): Hey Paul - I've emailed you some links. For everyones else's benefit, I'll be updating the section shortly to include mp4s. Ta, ta
Paul: Alas it did not work (boo Hoo)
Paul: OMG I got a Video I-Pod for x-mas and I am currently Jemming it up! Thank you so much for the Jem up your life (more, More)
Sherry: Oh my gosh this site is so well done. I gotta say I love every thing about it.Talk about child hood memories.Jem was the reason I love pink.Wow keep up the great work.^_^
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