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Sherry: Oh my gosh this site is so well done. I gotta say I love every thing about it.Talk about child hood memories.Jem was the reason I love pink.Wow keep up the great work.^_^
Bob (WebMaster): Thanks for the feedback guys. A great big Xmassy hello from me to everyone, especially cheeky Jemboy who insists on using family pet names from outside the confines of the family unit. Hee Hee - we are all part of the Jem family so I forgive you! :D
Samantha: Wow! This has to be the best Jem website ever made in like forever!! I love the MP3 instrumental tutorial! :) Keep up the great work! :)
Jemboy: Glad to see you back up and running bobberly...Paul X
mk: this is the greatest jem site ever!
Bob (WebMaster): Hi All, Just to let you know that I'm constructing a major new section so it might not look like I'm around but I really am - Hope to have it up and running in a few weeks!
jemguy: anyone have a stormer doll for sale w/ original clothes and acc?
Amjara: The person who did the Jem box art was Sharon Kettell. She has a interview on Jemcon at (link removed - Conflicts with TagBoard)
[x] lipstattoo: oh how i miss my jem wallpaper..sigh, does anyone know who the artist who drew the doll box art work is?
[x] Bob (WebMaster): I'm sorry to hear that the Jem and Friends board is closing. Jemcon2007 have provided a great new forum where we can all stay in touch though - thanks guys
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