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Miffy: Wow. You have 2 brilliant websites! Thanks for bringing Jem back to the fans :)
Sally: The work you do for JemCon is amazing! Thank you so much for everything you and the team do. JemCon is the heart and soul of the Jem fandom and I hope it keeps going for a long time. X
jenifer walter: i love your website the bios of who's who is awsome
Bob (WebMaster): Maybe in the future. Im really busy right now. Ive had the Shout DVDs for 2 months and havent even had time to watch past disk 1 yet!! Sadly, I also havent had time to work on this website for about 3 years now; JemCon / community projects keep me busy :)
Travis: Bob, I was meaning to ask. Do you plan on updating your audio files to that of the Shout DVDs? Just curious.
Travis: That's really cool about WoW! I didn't know that, but then again I haven't played in years.
wirda: awesome site! JEM ROCKS!
Nic Mercy: Just something neat to mention. The latest patch of World of Warcraft added a new area for it's monthly Darkmoon Faire. A quartet of young girls wanders the faire talking to each other. Their names are Jerrica Kimber Aja and Shana :D
Leah: WOW! this site is amazing! I wasn't lucky enough to be born in the Jem era but i love watching it on the hub! so outrageous!
Rome by WiLD: what a really cool website! Jem Rocks!!
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