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[x] : new jems tarz is a self help site in cleaning art thairip and others come cheek it out on my space site email me[email] bye fro now updates comeing soon by elaine art
: jemunitesus im still working on my jem site new new site is up on my space elaine art by for now
[x] : dose eny one no how meny jem sites are out this i think this is the bigest cartoon no the net or one of them
[x] : love this site i hope she keeps this on here this is cool
[x] selfhie: Sua p?ina muito show, s que n? consegui ver as fotos. Mesmo assim est legal!
[x] : elaine,s jem unites us hello my name is elaine jem fans im looking for idears for my new site on my space that isnt really yet email me with idears (mail)[/url] eny idears are welcome thank you
[x] Quel: Hello Bob! I really like the LISTEN UP bit, very gimmicky!. :lol
[x] Elaine: i love your site is verynice i hope mine jem site look as nice as this one some day really nice my site adress (link)[/url]
[x] Farah: Exellent original Jem stuff you have here! Congrats! :D
[x] Pete: Thanks for everything JEM! is awesom
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