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[x] Candy: Keep the scans coming - thanks for hosting them - I've always wanted the full set. You are a star!
[x] weird: awesome site! Keep up the good work! we need more Jem fansites out there,if you ask me! ;)
[x] Janet: Great site:) Keep up the great work:)
[x] Bob (WebMaster): Thanks PunkKimber. Jem site of the month would be excellent!
[x] PunkKimber: Truly Outrageous Site! When I get my Jem Guide Updated I'll have you as my Jem site of the month...
[x] Steph JemGirl14: I love your site! You are doing awesome work and i cant wait to see whats next
[x] Jemboy Paul: It's weird I don't remmber those adverts at all????? I am loving them now though!
[x] angie: i love those ringtones thanks bob mwahhhhhhhhh
[x] weird: awesome site!can't wait for new updates! :)
[x] Jemboy Paul: :D Loving it, I wanted the boxart for so long! Bob Rules! PS LOVE THE TO DVD!!!!
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