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christine: love jem... always have reliving memories with the series on dvd. hope i get my access soon so i can make some cds of the songs
Steve: Thank you for the wonderful new promotion!
Steve: Oh goodie... I get to vote TWICE!!!!
Marvelous0ne: So cool that a friend told of this site. Hope to be able to access more soon!
Gloria: I have been reliving my childhood. Watching Jem has made me outrageously happy!
theMitigating: Hi everyone, I'll be at comic-con on Friday!
SQ7: Superquad7 in DA HOUSE! Jem fans, YOU ROCK!
zizibello: OMG!!!... I so totally love this website!!!... TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!!!
Spin New Yasha: Just got myself a Stormer t-shirt: (link)[/url]
Poison: This website looks kickass! I can't wait to get full-access and browse around.
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