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sugarcube : *squeeee* Is this heaven? I'm so excited to explore the site with full access. i want to cry. i love Jem
adankree: Hi, I just wanted to pass on the news that HASBRO will be at the annual NY Comic Con and JEM will have a presence at their booth. Check out the post (link)[/url]
max3.0: See my video of French Jem songs (link)[/url]
ch1983: I like how kimber & stormer eventually become friends! ^v^ (link)[/url]
andromaeda: I can update my Jem Music Collection now with better quality sounds and instrumentals! Thanks!
ch1983: I like the music! ^v^
jemgirl: i wish there was real costumes made for plus size people like me
Kiss_Lamia: Awesome site - can't wait to have full access :) Hope you like my Stormer pic in the Designing Woman gallery :D
yago: here is my project: Misfits vs Holograms thread on (link)[/url] , and a preview: (link)[/url] , thanks Bob!!!
yago: Hello, I'm Jem fan from Argentina. Me and my boyfriend are making a PC wrestling game; HOLOGRAMS vs. MISFITS! email me for info
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