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Sal: Love this website it's like a true 80's page! I'm only 16 but Jem is my probably favorite show of all time. Cheers from Portugal! ☆☆☆
80sGuy: Jem and the Holograms is still and always will be one of my top ten favorite 80s cartoons of all time! Jem rules!
Abdul Al-Basam: I love Jem so much, and i recently found this site! So cool to see all of these fellow fans coming together!
kellie: I loved jem as a child and I'm pretty sure I have every doll and the pink speaker box/back stage dressing room. they have been in a cupboard to long
NatalieDora: Jem has been aired 13th October 1985 (30 years ago)!
Jettaguy2003: Do you think the movie is setting up for a 2nd one that really shows off Jem & The Holograms?
Ron: Can't wait for the movie release... The new music will have to be awesome! This is an amazing site! Thanks
Rickie: Just found this site while researching Jem and the Holograms. Some friends and I are doing a huge costume group at a convention at the end of the month and still looking for more inspiration to help us complete everything. Great site!
DvF: I am glad your site is back :D
Margarita : I just found out about all this great Jem fan stuff and Jemcon plus it's in T.O. this year! I have to go and find out what all the fun is about. I get to be a fan all over again like back in the day! :)
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